Flexboxx - the foldable pallet container

Are you looking for a fast and straightforward option for packaging your products? Then the Flexboxx is exactly what you need!

Corrugated cardboard packaging is the most common packaging type in the world. They provide good protection and are especially useful for disposable packaging.

The Flexboxx is set up easily within seconds - Our folded corrugated cardboard box is fixed to the pallet, it’s simply unfolded and an inner cardboard insert is placed the box ready for immediate use. Your products can be quickly packed into the box with the aid of a front “flap”. Then simply place the supplied cardboard lid on the box and the Flexboxx is ready for dispatch.

Standard packing solutions can often mean that your storage capacities are limited, your minimum order quantities for cartons are very high and you have to purchase your pallets in large quantities. All of these block space and cost money. But with our Flexboxx you can free up your storage space for more important things, because the Flexboxx can be delivered on demand, planned according to your actual consumption and in the exact quantity that you need.

With our Flexboxx you will pay on demand which will reduce your tie-up of capital significantly. This means that you’re not bound by traditional high minimum order quantities, and you won’t have to worry about tying up capital to packaging that is not needed in the short term.

EBREX Packaging Solutions offers a large number of Flexboxx systems, which differ in the following characteristics:

1. Size

Besides the truck-optimized European dimension (1,20 m x 0,80 m) and the common industrial dimensions (1,20 m x 1,00 m), container-optimized dimension can also be used for worldwide shipping.

2. Quality

The Flexboxx is available in different thicknesses, depending on your requirements. Fundamental to each design are the paper quality and the flute type.

3. Capacity

The capacity of our Flexboxxes is defined by the quality and the strength of the chosen cardboard and by the load capacity of the pallet. Various stacking capabilities can result out of this combination. We have many combinations that can be used to find a solution specific to your business.

A quality delivery capability and fast response time are important for all businesses. In order to reach our customers as fast as possible, we take advantage of the EBREX transportation system.  Thanks to the EBREX network, Europe-wide deliveries can be achieved in the shortest time possible. For more information: www.ebrexlogistics.de

Our Flexboxx solution might also be interesting for wholesalers looking to expand their product offering. We can offer very fast logistical advantages and optimizations leading to cost reductions.

Our sales representatives are always available and happy to answer your questions comprehensively and advise you on any aspect of Flexboxx.  

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