Constructive packaging

Constructive Packaging - Individual Inlays, Receptacles, Compartments and Tailor-Made Outer Packaging

What is meant by constructive packaging?

NTG is not only offering the Flexxbox system and standard packaging – NTG also deals with constructive packaging solutions. This focuses on the product that is going to be packaged. This involves creating bespoke packaging for the parts from the customer to ensure the best possible protection for transportation. To create the ideal packaging we cooperate directly with our suppliers and develop tailor-made solutions by using the latest CAD systems.

Framework conditions such as the size of the outer packaging are defined in advance. The main focus of the outer packaging is the load space optimisation – how are the goods going to be transported? By truck or train, by airplane or deep sea container?

To guarantee the best possible protection and an easy handling, key points such as corrosion protection or  special packaging simplifications (for example: foldable tail lifts) are discussed in detail.

The development of a constructive packaging consists of four stages:

Stage 1 – Problem Analysis

All the necessary information about the parts is collected. The dimension and quality of the outer packaging is determined, special customer requirements such as imprints, tailboards or special protective foils and paddings are defined.

Stage 2 – Planning Stage

In close cooperation with our suppliers, we analyze and design a packaging sample for the customer to then review.

Stage 3 – Samplings

We deliver a sample directly to the customer and test the prototype with them.  Modification and change requests are documented.  The result is then processed in a pilot run (pre-production product in a small print run).

Stage 4 – Testing stage

The pilot run is tested under real conditions; the boxes are filled and shipped. The customer gives us the final feedback on the product and if necessary the feedback is followed by minor corrective actions. Finally, the packaging goes into full production.

Advantages at a glance

NTG offers many advantages for the development of constructive packaging.  One of the main advantage is our close relationship with our suppliers, meaning the customer requirements are closely monitored and met.  Thanks to long-term partnerships with the suppliers, our development team has detailed market knowledge and is able to ensure that the best supplier is used depending on the customers specific requirements. Often several suppliers are necessary to offer an optimized cardboard product.

Another advantage is the possibility of just-in-time deliveries that guarantee low capital commitment costs. Secured by a blanket order, single deliveries can be ordered and these single deliveries are invoiced.  So waste of storage space at production sites is a thing of the past!

We can also offer a solution for either over capacity or stock shortages - we keep adequate stockpiling at our facility which can help to cushion seasonal production fluctuations. We can also complete order requests in a quick “turn around” period.

Many companies expect to get deliveries with the same quality to different locations. That’s where NTG can offer a key advantage over other suppliers - thanks to our in-house transport and logistics system; we can reach any location in Europe, quickly. We also have the possibility of regional stockpiles at an NTG warehouse or with professional partners located across Europe.

Out of an idea we design your packaging – out of a problem we create a solution!

In the shop section of the constructive packaging you will find some product examples that we have designed in the past. Just take a look at what is possible and contact our sales team for an individual advice!

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