NTG Logistics

Packaging and transport - works always together

Have you ever transported your products unpacked? Hardly.

In this day and age a good packaging and transport logistics belong together. One cannot work without the other. This has led NTG to combine both.

Internationaler GüterverkehrThe NTG Packaging Solutions GmbH is an independent, Europe-wide operating logistics and transport company with its headquarter in Great Yarmouth, UK. More than 160 employees at 14 locations ensure customer-oriented management of various logistics and transport projects. 

The NTG Group has procurement and distribution logistics skills and offers a comprehensive European transport network. In addition, we have our own truck fleet to transport low-load and full-load consignments across Europe and all main economic areas.


As part of the NTG offering we can provide professional solutions for warehousing logistics. One case study is in Poland where we manage one central warehouse for a major OEM car manufacturer for the entire Polish market - more than 10,000 m² of warehouse space where spare part orders are processed, prepared, packed and loaded.

Thanks to the experience of NTG, the NTG Packaging Solutions GmbH has extensive experience from the world of logistic. With this advantage we create packaging that can be used sensibly and cost-effectively.

NTG delivers packaging in equal quality to all locations of a customer, who has more than one production facility in Germany or Europe. For product packaging, which is going to be delivered to the end customer, this guarantees identical appearance and quality.  We can then pick up the packed boxes right away and deliver them to your customers.

For more details about the NTG Packaging Solutions GmbH: www.ebrexlogistics.com