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Storytelling in the making
By Michelle Nösler 11/6/2019 10:54 AM Comments

On Tuesday the 5th of November our Marketing visited the company "Funk - E digital production agency" in Rotterdam. The aim of the visit was to develop ideas and a strategy for the production of an explanatory video for Ebrex Packaging Solutions GmbH.

In order to achieve a satisfying and easily understandable final result, the first part of the day was clearly dedicated to communication. First of all, the ideas and wishes of Ebrex and the key points of the product were worked out.

During the "brainstorming session", Explainer Robin and Art Director Wilfred from Funk-E specifically discussed various points and asked many questions regarding the content and possible details in order to implement these in the next steps in the best possible way.

The second part of the day was dedicated to creativity and visualization. After about 1 and a half hours, Robin and Wilfred presented their drawn visualizations and the corresponding voice-over text. Using direct feedback, minimal changes could be made to individual sequences by Ebrex. 

In the next days and weeks we will discuss further steps in detail (animations, translations of the text into German, ...) with Funk – E and finally producing the video.

Thanks to the great team of Funk-E in Rotterdam and the creative, productive exchange.

We are very excited about the final result!

We are looking forward to presenting you the video soon.

Ebrex in Rotterdam

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