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defibrillator as new precaution
By Michelle Nösler 3/14/2019 10:12 AM Comments

The welfare of the employees is very import to Ebrex. A sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone at anytime. Minutes, even seconds can decide to ensure survival or the quality of life after the cardiac arrest. That’s why, Ebrex equipped their location in Gelsenkirchen with a defibrillator.

Staff was provided with a training. In case of an emergency (of an employee, a customer or a waiting truck driver) everyone is able to react and operate within seconds.

The device supports with a voice function (bilingual) to explain exactly what needs to be done. In addition, pictograms help to attach the electrodes to the body really easily. The mode of the defibrillator can be switched from adult into child mode to dispense the correct energy level in joules.

The defibrillator is connected with surrounding hospitals to improve the care of the affected person. Rescue workers and emergency physicians receive details about administered shocks and ECG scores before arrival.

To ensure the use of the defibrillator 24/7, the defibrillator is connected to the program manager via Wi-Fi.
The quality management will be informed by email about unusual features and status.
Low battery or a wrong place of storage can be avoided.

Safety first – at any time!

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