About Us

About Us

EBREX Packaging Solutions GmbH is a part of the Europe-wide EBREX logistics Company. We combine our experience in the field of transport and storage with the know-how of the packaging industry.

As an internationally-operating company, working with major OEM’s and Tier 1 companies, we understand the various requirements for high quality packaging. That's why we offer a variety of innovative packaging solutions for your products besides the numerous standardized cardboard packaging solutions. 

One of our innovative packaging solutions is the Flexboxx system. With the Flexboxx, EBREX sells a foldable packaging solution that combines cardboard packaging with a wooden pallet. To save space the Flexxbox is delivered folded up. The box is built up easily within a few seconds. The Flexboxx system is also available with heat-treated and chamber-dried pallets.

EBREX is also the right contact if you need help with the development of special cardboard boxes, inlays or compartments made of corrugated cardboard. EBREX designs bespoke, secure packaging according to customer requirements and also unique storage and transport packaging that 100% match your products.

EBREX Packaging Solution work daily on optimizations and improvements to achieve the best possible quality product for our customers.

As a certified company we pay special attention to the selection of suppliers and we also work towards environmentally friendly solutions.

Thanks to our in-house transport and logistics division we’re always able to deliver our products throughout Europe. As a specialist for the automotive market, we’re familiar with short delivery times and a high quality service.

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